How microprocessors work?

To know the microprocessor we need to have clear idea on how microprocessors work? In my previous post I discussed What is a microprocessor? Before go through this discussion how microprocessors work? You may refer previous post to clear your concept better way. As I mention earlier microprocessor is a processor which process some sets of instruction in form of program. In bellow see the block diagram of basic working structure of a microprocessor.

How microprocessors work

From the block diagram it is clear that a microprocessor connected with input section (like keyboard, sensor), output section (monitor, printer, motor etc) and internal memory. Internally, the microprocessor is made up of 3 main units. 1) The Arithmetic/Logic Unit (ALU). 2) The Control Unit. 3) An array of registers for holding data while it is being manipulated. The connection of input and output device and also memory unit is done by a set of parallel wear is called BUS. As per the work assign bus is categorised different way address bus, data bus control bus etc. But we can call those bus all together as a system bus. In bellow diagram shown the bus diagram.

How microprocessors work

Now we enter in main section that how microprocessors work? When a microprocessor execute any previous written instruction, first it go to location of the instruction and understand the meaning of that instruction. Then take the data or information from input section or memory location through bus and finally reach it to microprocessor. Now microprocessor process this data or information and generate the result and send it to exact output section through bus. So this process is very similar to a human work. Let a wicket keeper of a cricket match, stand behind a wicket and when he see the ball take edge of bat then he jump and take the catch. So in that case eyes are the input section of that wicket keeper. After receiving signal by eyes it send to brain via nervous system of human body. Here nervous system we compare with the busses. Now human brain process it and generate the result that cricketer has to jump and catch the ball, and send this result to appropriate organ via nervous system.

Hope this discussion will clear your concept on how microprocessors work?

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