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What is a Universal Shift Register?

Now to get the answer of this question what is a Universal Shift Register? To get the answer of above question first we have to know some term related to shift register, like unidirectional shift register, bidirectional shift register. And finally we can easily understand what a Universal Shift Register is?

A unidirectional shift register is a register that can capable of transferring data in only one direction. Whereas the register that is capable of transferring data in both left and right direction is called a ‘bidirectional shift register.’ Now let we have a register which can capable to transfer data in both the shift-right and shift-left, along with the necessary input and output terminals for parallel transfer, then it is called a shift register with parallel load or ‘universal shift register.’


Now what are the parameters should have in a Universal Shift Register. The list of those parameters I discussed below


  1. A shift-right control to enable the shift-right operation and the serial input and output lines associated with the shift-right.
  2. A shift-left control to enable the shift-left operation and the serial input and output lines associated with the shift-left.
  3. A parallel-load control to enable a parallel transfer and the n input lines associated with the parallel transfer.
  4. n parallel output lines.
  5. A clear control to clear the register to 0.
  6. A CLK input for clock pulses to synchronize all operations.
  7. A control state that leaves the information in the register unchanged even though clock pulses are continuously applied

What is a Universal Shift Register?

So from above mention diagram and discussion, you may understand the working principle of Universal shift register. And clear your knowledge on What is a Universal Shift Register?

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    nice we are able to understand…but we don’t need so much matter…we need some important points that we able to understand quickly and save the time……thank u

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